Running Realtor

How it all started...

Kathy started running at the age of 30 for fitness, then realized if she could not run a mile, it did not bode well for longevity. Then it became her passion she had no idea that she had any talent or gift for running. Kathy runs pretty much every day, some days for sanity, other days for the sheer beauty of being outside and enjoying all that Long Island has to offer to runners and walkers alike!! Just Get Out And Do IT!!!

Kathy remains unbeaten in her age group world-wide she competes in World Masters Athletics, has set many National and World records in distances from 800 meters to 50K. She is the winner of the Bengay Masters Athlete of the Year Award in 2004 from the United States Track and Field Association, multiple USATF triple winner for long distance, track & field and cross country master athlete of the year.

Kathy runs to be an example to others, to be an encouragement to them to just get up and go.. who knows where it will lead--ultimately to good health.

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